Petworth Playgroup Coop 2018-2019 Application – LIVE

Please note that we are no longer accepting applications for the 2018-2019 year, but you can be added to the wait list by filling out an application. Please email us to notify us of your interest.

Hello prospective Petworth Coop families!  We are happy to announce that the Petworth Playgroup Coop 2018-2019 Application is live.  Applications are due on April 15th, 2018.  Please reach out if you have any questions.  A few things of note:

  • The Coop will continue to meet at Lincoln’s Cottage next year.
  • The Coop cannot run without parents willing to volunteer to serve on the board.  Please consider joining!  At this moment, the vast majority of the current Coop children intend to move on to pre-K next year, including those of the board members.  If you are interested, the current board would like to begin meeting with next year’s board this spring to facilitate the transition.
  • We are currently figuring out if we have enough families to have Coop this summer.  If you are interested, please be sure to let us know on the application.
  • We have not yet determined whether we will have a mixed ages class held on M/W/F OR two classes based on age that meet either M/W/F and T/Th.  The decisions will be made based on the applications we receive.

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