Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Open House today! We’re excited about all of the awesome families and children who are interested in participating next year.
Some common questions today, revisited:

1. We have 20 spots available for Fall 2014. 10 in the Guppies Class and 10 in the Goldfish Class.
2. Acceptance is based on 3 main variables, which include; achieving a gender balance in each class, prioritizing Petworth families in an effort to build community, and maintaining a beneficial age range in each class. Last year 80% of families who applied received a spot. 
3. As a DIY/grassroots cooperative, we are an ever-changing group of parents. Historically we have strived to be a low-key, family/child-led alternative to the high stress DC/kid/pre-K culture. We don’t have attendance requirements, we don’t require potty training, and we hope that all participating families will be supportive and empathetic with each other regarding the amount of energy and commitment it takes to build community and raise children.
4. Discipline: We have found that when classroom management techniques are used effectively, many discipline problems can be prevented. A teacher who “reads the room” and uses positive redirection is our focus. We aim to build on a child’s natural desire to be a part of a peer group, and when necessary, children may have to hold hands/walk with/ sit with the teacher or Duty Parent in the event they choose to behave in a manner that endangers their fellow classmates (hitting/kicking, etc). We do not generally use time-outs in the classroom.
5. The structure of the day tends to look like this: Arrival & Free Play / Activity / Movement & Circle Time / Potty & wash hands + SNACK / Activity or Outside Time / Pick-Up.

Thanks again to everyone who came out! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any additional questions.


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